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Adding an Item

To add an item, head to the "My Items" tab in the admin panel

1) Click on the + button

2) Fill in Item Details

  • Item Title and Item Description appear in item cards
  • Item Detailed Description appears when item card is expanded
  • Optional note field allows for customers to write a note to store owners, such as an NFT #

3) Fill Advanced Details

  • This is where product types and variations like sizes and colors can be selected
  • Select color, sizes and enter respective quantities then click "Add Variation" button before moving on to next screen

4) Uploading images

  • Select up to three images for each product

5) Select item pricing

  • Enter your item pricing, pricing is in your store's currency
  • Click Create
  • If Real time pricing is enabled, enter pricing in USDC, pricing will reflect in your selected token in your storefront

6) Item added

  • Your item is now added and will appear in the "My Items" tab
  • To list your item, click "List", it will now appear in the "Listed Items" tab, items can be de-listed from there
  • To edit your item, click "Edit", and go through the same steps as adding an item