Frequently asked questions are covered here. If you have further questions, reach out to us via Twitter or Discord!

Why Aten?

As a merchant, expand your customer base to a crypto-friendly environment, with lower fees than your current payment solutions provider.

As a customer, use your crypto to purchase digital and physical goods!

Can I use Aten?

Any merchant who wishes to set up a store can do so in seconds.

How much does opening an Aten store cost?

Aten is free! We are still building the platform and we are not charging anything from our merchants at the moment. There will be a very competitive fee in the future but we will always have a freemium option available for our merchants.

How can I open a store on Aten?

Simply go to the log in page, connect a wallet, and click create store. Then you can enter your store details, branding, etc. This process takes less than a minute and can be updated in the future. Once completed, the Aten team will approve your store in the next 24 hours.

Can I customize my store?

Yes! Aten offers robust branding capabilities. You can customize almost any visual element in your store and apply your own branding.

Which tokens can I accept?

You can accept any spl-token. As of today, we support $USDC, $SOL, $mSOL, $SAMO, $STEP, $DUST but we can expand this list as per your request.

Can I accept credit card payments?

Yes! We have Stripe integration. You can connect your Stripe account to Aten and start accepting fiat payments.

What is real time pricing?

As merchants, you can set the USDC amount that you would like to earn per product and accept $SOL or any other spl-token as payment. Aten does the real-time price conversion. This way, merchants will not be impacted by the spl token price volatility.

Can I accept multiple tokens in my store?

Yes! You can accept up to 3 tokens in your store.

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